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Mold Remediation | Air MD Restoration Inc | Eau Claire, WI | (715) 579-3912
Even though mold occurs naturally in our environment, it is not healthy to have in your home! Mold grows in moist conditions and can be avoided by...
Lead Paint Removal | Air MD Restoration Inc | Eau Claire, WI | (715) 579-3912
Unfortunately, lead-based paint was a very common ingredient in standard housing before the 1970s. If your home or office building was built before the...
Odor Removal | Air MD Restoration Inc | Eau Claire, WI | (715) 579-3912
As experts in odor removal, Air MD Restoration, Inc. can eliminate unpleasant odors in your home, office or vehicle in just one day! We do not use any...

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Welcome to Air MD Restoration Inc

Air MD Restoration, Inc. specializes in mold remediation, lead removal and odor removal. Serving Eau Claire, WI and surrounding areas, our experts ensure the health of residents and employees by removing dangerous and unsightly mold, toxic lead, and unpleasant odors associated with smoke, pets, water damage, and more.

We are state licensed and insured with over 13 years of experience, and certified in the removal of mold. We also provide carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, and more to ensure a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. With our estimate rebate program, you can save money and obtain clean and odor-free air for your home or office atmosphere.

There is no need to disrupt your life in order to receive professional cleaning and purifying services from Air MD Restoration, Inc. Our professional and highly trained technicians will respect you, your home and your time. Our high level of expertise and experience allows us to complete any job quickly and efficiently for the convenience of our valued customers.

Learn why Air MD Restoration, Inc. is the number one choice for mold removal, lead removal, and odor removal in Eau Claire, WI and surrounding areas. Call us today!