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Even though mold occurs naturally in our environment, it is not healthy to have in your home! Mold grows in moist conditions and can be avoided by keeping all areas of your home dry. Since there are many types of mold and many of them can be harmful to you, your family and your pets, it is imperative that you take care of any mold problems immediately. If the mold in your home covers only a small 3’ x 3’ patch or less, it should be easy for you to complete mold remediation on your own, but for anything larger, a licensed professional is recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Mold can cause cosmetic damage to your home as well. While Air MD Restoration, Inc. can rid your home or office of harmful mold that can cause allergic reactions, we are unable to repair any cosmetic damage that has occurred. It is best to catch mold problems early on to avoid cosmetic damage but often the problem becomes severe before the problem is recognized.

Having regular inspections conducted can ensure the air quality of your home is free of allergens caused by mold and mildew while saving you money in future cosmetic repairs as well. At Air MD Restoration, Inc., we provide mold inspections in Eau Claire, WI and surrounding areas. We are licensed, insured and certified for mold remediation. Testing for mold can be a complex project best left to professionals.

Our highly trained and skilled technicians will visit your home or office to test for mold. If mold is detected, we can proceed with mold removal services immediately. We are experts in mold remediation and can safely rid your home or office of unhealthy and unsightly mold. Allergy sufferers will immediately see a huge improvement in debilitating symptoms.

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